Pioneer Group Works to Protect Majestic Peninsula

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Awhitu Landcare is one of the pioneer community environmental groups in New Zealand. Our volunteer work commenced in 1994, and covers the entire 22,000 hectare Awhitu Peninsula – a giant, ancient sand dune.

With gentle harbour beaches on one side, the wild Tasman on the other and rare dune lakes in between, the Awhitu Peninsula is indeed a majestic landscape. It is also a dynamic and fragile environment which needs, and deserves, protecting.

If you’ve never visited Awhitu, come pay a visit, you’ll find there’s lots to explore - here are just a few suggestions. 

Community Commitment

Our objectives are to be beneficial to the community in the following ways:

  • To promote, and where possible facilitate, the protection and restoration of the natural features of the Awhitu environment, including waterways, and to encourage community appreciation of these values
  • To carry out a dedicated pest reduction programme throughout the Awhitu Peninsula, employing whichever means prove most effective
  • To enhance and expand Awhitu’s natural native vegetation, employing whichever means prove most effective
  • To work towards the successful reintroduction of lost species which would have once been present in and around Awhitu

Our vision is a region where the land and waterways sustainably nurture flourishing, diverse communities of NZ plants, animals and people.  A community which places high value on the natural Awhitu environment, enjoys its heritage and supports, and is involved in, its conservation.

Landcare volunteers give over 4,000 hours to this work every year and we estimate in the past 21 years more than 120,000 native trees and shrubs have been planted, and over 25,000 pests destroyed.

We have lots happening throughout the year, and we’d love you to join us

 Our land sustains us, it is our future.

Latest News

Forest Superstars are Dying

Our precious Kauri are dying, right here, right now. If we want our grandkids to experience the grandeur of the Kauri, please join Landcare to learn how you can help save them. This Sunday, starting 1.30pm, we are hosting a field trip on Awhitu to learn more about Kauri Dieback disease, and what each of us can do to prevent it spreading. We are fortunate to have Dr Nick Waipara sharing his expert knowledge with us, followed by a walk across farmland to view the awful damage this disease is causing. The walk (max. 2 hours) is quite steep for 200m so a reasonable level of fitness is required. Please wear stout footwear - preferably gumboots - that can be disinfected. Parking 2408 Awhitu Rd, adjacent to Pigeon Hill north of Pollok. Drive slowly as approaching, and watch for signs. Registrations would be really appreciated to to get an idea of numbers, but are not essential. If you have Kauri on your property that you don’t want to watch gradually dying, this workshop is a must. Read more...