Photo: Anna White

Awhitu Landcare Committee meeting

Event Date: Monday 11 December 2017, 9:00am

Managing the day to day activities of our band of volunteers…. at each meeting the following will be discussed:

Present / Apologies:

Previous Minutes:  


Financial:                            Monthly report / approve cheques

                                             Petrol / Volunteer expense claims

Pest control:                       Pest Report

                                              Matters arising

 Revegetation:                    Nursery Report

                                              Matters arising

 Operations:                       Resource Centre Report 

                                              Matters arising

Funding                              Opportunities and reporting requirements

Data Collection                 Stream monitoring, citizen science initiatives                                   

Calendar 2017                   Field trips, workshops, community planting days

Communications:              Peninsularama  /  local papers

                                             Website / social media

Health & Safety:                Reports

 General Business:  


You can download a copy of our monthly agenda here