About Us

Photo: Anna White

A Sustainable Future

Our work is with the community to improve the sustainability of our land and waterways.

We welcome anyone who wishes to pay the minimal $10 per person membership fee to join the group – farmers, lifestyle block owners, bach owners, householders, visitors.

We also now have a lifetime membership for $50 per person, or $100 per household, which is proving very popular.

What all our members have in common is a love of the area and a desire to revive indigenous habitats and improve biodiversity for the benefit of all who live and visit here, now and in the future.

 A few facts about Awhitu Landcare

  • We have about 80 members, many of whom have won awards for their dedication to environmental work
  • Day to day affairs are conducted by a core committee of up to nine volunteers, who meet monthly, with an Annual General Meeting held in June
  • We have our base at our native plant nursery, half way up the Peninsula in Matakawau, which we try to open to the community every morning from Monday to Thursday
  • We have many projects on the go!

Starting Awhitu Central Project

In addition to our active work on the ground, we aim to :

  • Increase awareness of environmental issues throughout our community
  • Help in the planning of co-operative land and resource-based projects  
  • Commission research, and share information
  • Seek funding to support these aims for the benefit of all those who live or work on the Awhitu Peninsula

Our land sustains us, it is our future.