Photo: Anna White

Volunteers are Key to Success

Margaret Makgill, Anna McNaughton battling weather & steep slopes to plant at LighthouseThe group’s most important partners are all our volunteers, who give their valuable time, day in, day out and in all weathers to lend a hand assisting the Awhitu environment.

“Over a period exceeding twenty years I have been deeply impressed with the efforts of Awhitu Landcare to control possums and establish extensive native plantings. I realise that most of this work is undertaken by volunteers, making your efforts all the more admirable. I wholeheartedly support continuation of this work, and encourage others to similarly support you in your endeavours to enhance the unique ecology of this area.”
– Jack Hobbs, Manager, Auckland Botanic Gardens

Practical Assistance 

We could not have have achieved all we have in the past twenty years without practical advice and financial assistance from organisations who have believed in our group, and trusted in our ability to successfully carry out projects. We gratefully thank:  

ASB Community Trust

The Landcare native plant nursery was built with financial assistance from the ASB Community Trust, a body which supports so many worthwhile causes in the Auckland area. 

Franklin Local Board

Franklin Local Board members granted the Lease for our plant nursery on the Matakawau Reserve, and assisted with the groundwork for this project. As the Board lists their first objective to be ‘cherishing our natural environment’, supporting our Landcare objectives makes perfect sense.

Auckland Council

Council Biodiversity and Biosecurity teams assist us on a day to day basis. We currently have a contract with Auckland Council to manage possum control on the Peninsula. The Environmental Initiatives Fund, administered by Auckland Council, has enabled us to complete many small projects on the Peninsula.

Awhitu School

Our next door neighbours were good enough to grant us access to a water supply for the nursery. We look forward to assisting the next generation of Awhitu residents as they recognise the importance of caring for their environment.

Whaingaroa Harbour Care

Fred Lichtwark and his team in Raglan (Whaingaroa) were our role models for embarking on the nursery venture. They have achieved outstanding environmental improvements around their precious Harbour and we are very grateful for the knowledge that Fred has shared, and the time he has spent, with us. 

Community Organisation Grants Scheme (Department of Internal Affairs)

COGS grants make a contribution to the costs of running community organisations that provide local community based services or projects, This is an extremely valuable fund, as most other grants are awarded for one-off projects and are not interested in assisting with ongoing operating expenses.  We are very grateful to COGS for recognising the importance of supporting day-to-day operations for long established operations such as ours.


In 2004 assistance from the Department of Conservation allowed us to set up an intensive pest control programme on the Awhitu Peninsula.

NZ Steel

Was good enough to assist us with the purchase of Colorsteel for our plant nursery. 

We recognise and appreciate that there are many supporters of our work who are busy with other activities and don’t have a great deal of time for Awhitu Landcare projects… but are quietly supportive of our efforts, nonetheless. Thanks so much, keep the faith, we need you all.