Erosion Control

Photo: Anna White

Help Where It’s Needed

The west coast of Awhitu Peninsula, a giant sand dune, suffers with pasture damage from encroaching sand blows.

Scientific research, commissioned by Landcare, with greatly appreciated, ongoing support from Dr Douglas Hicks, has proven that the only effective method of control in this area is by planting sandblows with marram grass. Although this is an imported grass not welcomed in many areas of New Zealand, it is the only option we have.

Once the marram has established, native plantings can start to grow amongst the grass

We maintain nursery areas of marram which we are able to ‘harvest’ for replanting on Awhitu farms.

As this is work on private land, it is a paid service which we organise specialist labour teams to carry out, and every job is individually quoted. It is extremely hard work, often in very challenging conditions! But the results can be worth it.