Support Us

Photo: Anna White

Can You Help?

There are many different ways to support Awhitu Landcare projects.

The most valuable of these is the gift of time - everyone’s most precious resource. There are many ways in which willing volunteers can help.

We all lead busy lives and completely understand that some people just don’t have a minute to spare for volunteer work. But if you can become a member, this helps our cause greatly - showing to funders and public bodies that we have strong community support. So please do consider becoming a member of our group - you don’t need to do anything else apart from paying a minimal subscription fee.

Sometimes we feel that certain projects are especially worthwhile. If our group is working on something that is dear to your heart, perhaps in your local area, you may like to consider assisting our projects with a donation. Any amount gratefully received and will be receipted if requested.

The Awhitu Landcare group has charitable status, and you can claim a tax credit for all donations over $5.

David and Antonia Craig's farm has stands of magnificent ancient bush, much of it protected