Pest Control

Photo: Nga Manu Images

A Never-Ending Challenge

Success! No more dead hens.Pest control is perhaps the biggest part of our work. As anyone involved with this work knows, it is never-ending and requires constant vigilance.

Woolly nightshade grows metres in a yearThere are two main categories of pests, each presenting a wide variety of challenges to those of us attempting to control them. Unlike dealing with the likes of kakapo or kiwi - media friendly, threatened species and something many people want to be involved with - dealing with introduced predators and weeds is not newsworthy and something which just needs to be diligently carried out, day in and day out.

But, if pest control is not done regularly, these pests can very quickly overrun our precious native species. Awhitu landowners please click here to download a document describing exactly how our pest control programme works, and can help you on your land.

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Landowners: please help the health of the Peninsula by carrying out pest control on your own properties. We can help, see how here.